Security Design & Integration Consulting

Security Protocols Secure Boot Threat Analysis HW & SW Protection

Our team of security experts can help you with your security design and integration projects.

  • Secure protocol design and selection
  • Secure boot design
  • Security and threat analysis
  • Hardware and software protection of secrets

Our team of experts has extensive experience in the design, implementation, and integration of secure systems, including PKI, content protection systems (DRM & CAS), and devices incorporating secure processors and trusted execution environments (TEEs).

We can advise you on many types of design, development, and integration projects in which security plays a key role.

Secure Protocol Design and Selection

We can help you properly apply security protocols to meet security requirements. Our experts participate in development of security standards and have contributed to security protocol designs, including DOCSIS, PacketCable, OpenCable, 3GPP, ATIS, DVB and many more. They can advise you on the use of standard security and key management protocols and can design custom security protocols to suit your needs when appropriate.

To help you with security protocol design or selection, we provide guidance on choosing cryptographic algorithms based on a variety of application-specific considerations, such as the required level of security, system performance, scalability, and available hardware/software implementations. You can confidently select cryptographic algorithms and parameters appropriate to your system security needs.

Secure Boot Design

Secure boot is foundational to ensuring that software running your device came from a trusted source. It prevents attacks on user privacy, theft of service, theft of content and other types of attacks. It is a crucial component of overall system and device security. CommScope has extensive experience in this area and can advise you on the implementation of secure boot. We also operate secure online code signing services. For more information in this area, see PRiSM.

Security Requirement and Threat Analysis

Our team of security experts can review your overall project and system architecture and provide recommendations regarding security interfaces, protocols, and mechanisms. Critical security assets are identified with recommendations on suitable security controls. We can also apply vulnerability scanning to help ensure that your system meets the applicable security requirements.

Hardware and Software Protection of Secrets

CommScope has partnered with a number of secure SoC and security chip vendors to provide the best available security in consumer devices, including secure boot, trusted execution environment (TEE) and protection of critical security assets in both non-volatile storage and in RAM. We have an ongoing working relationship with Broadcom, ST Micro, Infineon, AMLogic, Qualcomm and others chip vendors and can use our expertise in hardware security components to assist you with the security design of your devices.

At times, hardware security is not available or cannot be applied to particular application components. In those cases, we can apply software security techniques such as white-box cryptography, code obfuscation, anti-debugging protection, and self-validation, to provide the necessary level of security when hardware-backed security is not available.