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Building your in-house PKI/CA presents challenges in terms of expertise, resources, time, security risks, compliance, scalability, and business continuity. It requires specialized knowledge, significant investments, and meticulous planning to develop and maintain the necessary infrastructure. Engaging a PKI/CA provider, like CommScope, can offer a more efficient and secure solution, leveraging our expertise and infrastructure while alleviating the burdens of building and managing your in-house PKI/CA.

CommScope's PKI infrastructure is managed by experienced security professionals who possess extensive expertise in operating certificate authorities in compliance with industry standards. We hold the WebTrust compliance certification, which attests to our adherence to industry-recognized security and privacy standards. Additionally, we provide a range of services that include:

  • CSA Matter PAAs & PAIs for secure and trusted communication between smart home IoT devices and applications.
  • WInnForum CBRS root of trust, enabling secure access to the Citizens Broadband Radio Service spectrum.
  • Private and enterprise CAs for organizations seeking to establish their own trusted certificate authority within their network environment.
  • CableLabs DOCSIS 4.0/3.1, DPoE & OpenCable compliance, supporting the secure deployment of cable-based networks and devices.

These qualifications and services demonstrate our commitment to delivering robust and trusted PKI solutions to our clients, ensuring the highest levels of security and compliance.

WebTrust Compliance

CommScope certificate authorities are annually audited by an independent WebTrust-accredited auditor, to ensure compliance with all of the WebTrust security, accounting, audit trail, confidentiality, business, and legal requirements. CommScope CA security deploys additional hardware and procedural security controls that go beyond WebTrust security requirements. Our certificate policy fully complies with the latest WebTrust and IETF standards and is available online.

BDO WebTrust Seal For CA BDO WebTrust Seal For BR SSL

CSA Matter PAA & PAI Services

In the CSA Matter ecosystem, PAAs (product attestation authorities) and PAIs (Product Attestation Intermediates) are root and intermediate certificate authorities that issue DACs (device attestation certificates) for Matter devices. CommScope provides secure and cost-efficient Vendor-scoped and Non-VID Scoped PAAs as well as company specific PAIs services and issues DACs to Matter device manufacturers.

WInnForum CBRS Roots of Trust

CommScope serves as a trusted root of trust certificate authority for the WInnForum CBRS (Citizens Broadband Radio Service). We can issue device or subordinate CA certificates, including for CBSD access points, domain proxies, and SASs. For more information, see our CBRS page.

WInnForum Approved

Private/Enterprise Certificate Authorities

With the infrastructure already in place to support internal/external certificate authorities and other secure services, CommScope hosts and operates certificate authorities for your organization in a secure and cost-effective manner, tailored to issue certificates tailored to support their specific applications such as 5G, TLS, IPSec, and more. The operation and lifecycle management of CAs are complicated, but we are well-equipped to provide a policy-based security governance practice. When creating root and subordinate CAs, our professional staff perform auditable key ceremonies according to recognized best practices. The CAs we host can be tailored according to your needs, whether it is in terms of hierarchy, certificate profiles, or algorithm choices. You can, for instance, design your CAs to align with your organizational or product portfolio structures. We address security practices risk and security-related business continuity for you.

As a service provider with a long history, we host CAs that serve many organizations. Among these CAs are ones that issue identity credentials to devices made by Motorola Mobility and devices deployed by major service providers, including Charter Communications, Liberty Global, Comcast, and others.

Our hosted CA service is an enabler of trust. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you meet your needs for an enterprise CA.

CableLabs DOCSIS 4.0/3.1 & DPoE Certificate Authorities

CommScope certificate authorities for DOCSIS 4.0/3.1 and DPoE have been WebTrust-audited and approved by CableLabs to supply certificates to device manufacturers. CommScope DOCSIS 4.0/3.1 certificate authority may be used to issue certificates to cable modems as well as remote PHY and remote MACPHY devices (RPDs & RMDs). CommScope DPoE certificate authority issues certificates to EPON ONUs. The corresponding CableLabs security standards can be found at https://www.cablelabs.com/specifications.

CableLabs OpenCable Certificate Authorities

CommScope certificate authorities for both OpenCable hosts and CableCARDs have been WebTrust-audited and approved by CableLabs to supply certificates to device manufacturers that implement the copy protection interface between a host device (e.g., a set-top box, TV, or DVR) and a CableCARD. The corresponding CableLabs security standards can be found at https://www.cablelabs.com/specifications.