CSA Matter Security Services

CommScope Expertise DAC Provisioning Solutions
Are you struggling to securely generate and install unique Matter DACs for every device in production?

CommScope is the provider you need!

  • We provide a wide range of customizable options to suit your specific IoT security requirements, processes, and budgets.
  • From design to production runs, we can fast-track your development with Matter certificate and device credentials in just weeks.
  • From resource limited IoT devices to the entire supply chain, we offer highly efficient and compact solutions to safeguard your operations.

CommScope can help overcome this struggle with our 30+ years of experience in incorporating unique identity and cryptographic keys into our own high-volume production lines, as well as those of our partners and customers. Our unmatched expertise in this area sets us apart from other companies.

  • More than 6 billion Unique Device Credentials Provisioned and Managed
  • Provisioning 30+ billion device identity, keys and certificates annually with scalable capacity for even higher volumes when needed
  • No cloning devices identified and reported: effective counterfeit prevention through the use of unique device credentials
  • Both Non-VID Scoped Matter PAA and Vendor Scoped PAA Supported
  • In-factory provisioning of Matter Device Attestation Certificate (DAC) adaptable to device makers’ existing manufacturing process
  • Over-the-air delivery of Node Operation Certificate (NOC) for already-deployed devices
  • PKI and certificate lifecycle management with key rotation/renewal, revocation, and notification

CommScope Sentry is a Matter PAA and offers three different paths for device manufacturers to secure IoT devices across diverse manufacturing environments.

PKIWorks™ Solutions

PKIWorks™ Basics

PKIWorks™ Basics Icons

Interactive Web Portal
Single/Batch Ordering

PKIWorks™ Essentials

PKIWorks™ Essentials Icons

Direct Provisioning of Certificates Based on CSR

PKIWorks™ Complete

PKIWorks™ Complete Icons

Direct Provisioning of Keys and Certificates

PKIWorks™ Basics

User-friendly portal for requesting Matter DACs

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PKIWorks™ Essentials with STM32WB5M

Automated provisioning process for Matter DACs with STMicroelectronics’s STM32WB5M Read more...

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PKIWorks™ Essentials with CipherKnight™

Automated provisioning process for Matter DACs

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