Certificate Management

Provisioning Discovery & Tracking Monitoring Automated Renewal Revocation Self-Service

We offer a set of tools to help you manage your certificates. Certificate management encompasses the processes of identifying & cataloging the certificates in your system, monitoring their validity status, proactively renewing/replacing certificates before expiration, and producing reports to inform stakeholders.

Certificate Lifecycle Management Diagram
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  • Provisioning of certificate-based identities to clients issued by CommScope and third-party CAs
  • Automatic allocation of identifier resources from configured namespaces
  • Batch or singular request fulfillment

Certificate Asset Discovery & Tracking

  • Centralized certificate discovery via open and application-specific interfaces
  • Agent-based certificate information gathering from deployment environment
  • Certificate discovery from certificate transparency (CT) logs
  • Fine-grained control over the scope of certificate discovery
  • Detailed event logs linking each issued certificate to recipient, owner, and approval history
  • Integration with third-party device management solutions


  • Searchable and sortable user interface for certificate inventory browsing
  • Intuitive dashboard providing easy-to-grasp summary statistics on certificates
  • Automated alerts of
    • upcoming certificate expirations
    • identity credentials inventory level reaching predefined threshold
    • upcoming expiration of domain control validation
    • certificate revocations

Automated Renewal

Automated certificate renewal/replacement via standard and proprietary programmatic interfaces

  • ACME
  • CMPv2
  • EST
  • SCEP
  • OPUS (CommScope’s patented technology)


Revocation Support

  • Certificate revocation information published via OCSP and CRLs
  • Notification of certificate revocations (whether initiated by subscriber or other parties)

Self-Service Portal

  • Order placement and review of order status
  • Request submission for certificate management and key management actions
  • High-level and detailed reports on inventory level, consumption activities, and provisioning events (based on pre-configured and custom templates)
  • At-a-glance graphic visualization of analytics