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CommScope PKI Centerâ„¢ is a premier provider of PKI and other security-related services.

Our robust, efficient infrastructure refined by three decades of operational experience can help you secure your devices' identities, communications, and code images.

What We Can Do for You

  • Securely install trusted identities onto your devices during manufacturing
  • Install, replace, and renew credentials to already deployed devices
  • Securely install secrets and credentials from third-party authorities onto your devices, including Netflix, Google, DTCP, HDCP, Marlin, etc.
  • Host enterprise and ecosystem-specific certificate authorities, such as DOCSIS and CBRS CAs, with full life-cycle management
  • Sign, encrypt, and obfuscate your software using a managed online service
  • Provide consulting services on security design and integration projects
  • Enable and operate software feature licensing for your products
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Secure Device Identities

We operate a secure, managed, highly-available infrastructure for end-to-end provisioning of keys and certificates with full reporting. Let us help you securely install identity-defining secrets and other sensitive data into your devices on the factory line, to address a key digital supply-chain security concern.

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Over-the-Air Identity & Credentials Updating

Whether to replace expiring credentials in deployed devices or to install new ones in response to new technology ecosystems, our OPUS system can help you perform over-the-air identity and credential updates.

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Certificate Management

We offer a set of tools to help you manage your certificates. Certificate management encompasses the processes of identifying & cataloging the certificates in your system, monitoring their validity status, proactively renewing/replacing certificates before expiration, and producing reports to inform stakeholders.

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Externally-Audited Certificate Authorities

We operate independently-audited, WebTrust-compliant certificate authorities for DOCSIS, WInnForum CBRS, and OpenCable ecosystems, in addition to private enterprise CAs. We also operate CSA Matter PAAs on behalf of vendors.

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Code Signing & Encryption, and Secure Debug Access

Vouch for the provenance and authenticity of your software with our managed code signing service. You can perform critical signing functions using keys safely hosted in our secure, monitored, redundant facilities.

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Product License Management

Tap hidden revenue opportunities and increase your products' return on investment through feature licensing. You can use our powerful yet flexible licensing system to run your licensing programs with low operation overhead and high customer satisfaction.

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