About US

We are one of the world's largest producers of keys and certificates.


CommScope PKI Center™ is one of world's largest producers of keys and certificates. It is responsible for Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) lifecycle management for hundreds of millions of devices, including cable and satellite set-top boxes, cable and DSL modems, cell phones, portable media players, two-way radios, video/data infrastructure servers, etc. PKI Center™ serves internal product groups as well as external customers and partners, including device and chip manufacturers, cable and telco operators, application vendors, and industry consortiums. PKI Center manages many internal Root Certificate Authorities, a Root CA for Motorola, as well as Subordinate CAs for WInnForum CBRS, Microsoft PlayReady®, Mediakind Mediaroom, MediaCipher, as well as CableLabs® (DOCSIS, OpenCable and PacketCable™). In addition to PKI lifecycle management, PKI Center™ also provides a wide range of security related services. That includes factory and field provisioning of keys obtained from various Licensing Authorities, including DTCP, HDCP, Marlin, Netflix, Android Attestation, Google Widevine, and others.

  • More than 30 years of cryptographic key management
  • Award winning content protection technologies
  • Over $65 Billion of content under protection every year
  • Generated over 5 Billion digital keys and certificates for a wide range of devices and applications
  • Root and subordinate certificate authorities for industry ecosystems
  • Experienced security experts and service professionals
  • State-of-the-art systems and facilities with a world-wide reach
  • A variety of security related services
Who we are

PKI Center™ has highly trained security experts with more than 30 years of key generation and secure data provisioning experience, as well as manufacturing professionals who designed and implemented high-integrity PKI processes and systems. It also has a strong engineering team that can adapt existing systems and develop new systems to meet new security and system requirements.

Today, PKI Center™ uses its 5th generation end-to-end PKI system to generate and distribute over 950+ types of data, including various types of DRM keys and certificates, chip and device keys and certificates, and copy protection keys. The system serves the PKI needs in every stage of a product's lifecycle, from product development to manufacturing, warehousing, field update, service and repair, and disposal. The system is flexible at the same time, allowing new types of data to be readily added.

PKI Center™ operates a state-of-the-art facility with strict security measures and 24/7/365 availability, a highly reliable and secure network that extends its reach to over 50 sites around the world, and a remote disaster recovery site that can be activated at a moment's notice.


PKI Center™ has passed external PKI compliance audits for WebTrust, DOCSIS, WInnForum , CableLabs® and the WiMAX Forum®. PKI Center™ has also been a leader in creating industry standards, including CableLabs, DVB, OMA, WHDI and WiMAX.

PKI Center™ has been a DOCSIS Sub-CA since 2001, PacketCable Sub-CA since 2002, CableLabs PKI Partner since 2007, OpenCable Sub-CA serving licensed set-top and CableCARD vendors.

PKI Center has worked closely with many chip vendors, including Broadcom, Infineon, ST Micro, Intel, NXP, MaxLinear, Qualcomm and ST Micro, to ensure end-to-end security of keys during provisioning and a secure CPE product design that takes advantage of the HW security features.

In February 2009, PKI Center™ was selected by the WiMAX Forum® to be a root certificate authority for WiMAX™ devices worldwide.

In 1996, PKI Center™ won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for the DigiCipher® II System (a predecessor of the currently deployed MediaCipher® Conditional Access System). Since then, the MediaCipher® system has been protecting content delivery to over 100 million digital television set-top boxes worldwide.


With the combination of deep domain expertise, a powerful and flexible end-to-end PKI system, strong engineering capabilities and an advanced and reliable infrastructure, PKI Center™ is uniquely positioned to provide highest quality, lowest cost PKI solutions and services that can scale to meet PKI needs in a high-volume and global environment.

PKI Center™ provides provisioning and complete lifecycle management of device identities, cryptographic keys and digital certificates using a comprehensive global secure system, which has been refined by more than 20 years of global manufacturing experience. By using PKI Center™ end-to-end PKI management services, you can avoid the burden of creating and operating your own, which would require enormous resources and security expertise. PKI Center™ also supports entire ecosystems, including root and subordinate Certificate Authorities and other functions under the direction of an ecosystem Policy Authority such as CableLabs® and WInnForum.

Beyond core PKI solutions and services, PKI Center™ also offers services in code signing, software and hardware feature licensing, server and application hosting, and general security consulting.