A Secure Blueprint: Easy Matter DAC Provisioning in Factories

Director, Product Management
2 minute read
Join the January 25 Matter DAC Factory Provisioning Webinar by CommScope and STMicroelectronics

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Join CommScope and ST for a webinar to discover how we address IoT device makers' pain points by seamlessly integrating Matter Device Attestation Credential provisioning into existing manufacturing processes for STM32WB55.

In the CSA Matter ecosystem, device manufacturers are mandated to provision a distinctive Device Attestation Credential (DAC), encompassing both the cryptographic key and certificate, into each device. This session will elucidate how manufacturers can collaborate with CommScope, leveraging their comprehensive suite of factory automation and security clients/applications.

Don't miss the opportunity to gain insights into a more secure and streamlined Matter DAC provisioning process — minimizing production errors, enhancing overall security, and optimizing cost-effectiveness!