Unveiling IoT Security Innovations: Join Us at the STMicroelectronics Wireless Tour for CSA Matter

Senior Director, Security Solutions
2 minute read

CommScope Sentry™ is excited to announce its participation in the STMicroelectronics Wireless Tour as an authorized partner. The tour includes two events, one in Chicago on October 11 and another in Boston on October 24.

At these events, we will be showcasing our innovative solution for over-the-air provisioning of Digital Credentials to the STM32WB55, a ST selected microcontroller for Matter.

At the heart of our demonstration lie two remarkable capabilities:

  1. Factory Provisioning of CSA Device Attestation Certificates (DAC): we will connect the STM32WB55 to a laptop via a serial link, simulating a manufacturing programming station. The device will then connect to CommScope's PKIWorks™ Essentials over the internet to download certificates.

    We will demonstrate the seamless and secure process of provisioning CSA Device Attestation Certificates (DACs) and associated Product Attestation Intermediate (PAI) certificates during manufacturing. Our demonstration will highlight our ability to fast track manufacturers' development for a secure factory-deployable process, ready for production rollout, while minimizing manufacturing errors.

  2. Over-the-Air Provisioning of Node Operational Certificates (NOC): The STM32WB55 will also be connected to a tablet via BLE interface, enabling it to connect to PKIWorks™ Essentials over the internet to download certificates.

    While Device Attestation Credentials serve as the foundational basis for establishing device authentication within the Matter Commissioning process, following successful commissioning, each device receives its own distinct operational certificate. Our OTA solution can be used to facilitate the secure provisioning of Node Operational Certificates (NOCs) along with the corresponding Intermediate Certificate Authority (ICA) and Root Certificate Authority (RCA). This enables secure communication among all devices within the consumer's home network.

Our solution is a testament to CommScope's unmatched expertise, with over 30 years of experience, for standing as pioneers in the field. We have consistently strived to enhance the security, resilience, and trustworthiness of various connected devices. Now, we are extending our expertise to IoT devices within the CSA Matter ecosystem.

Join us at the STMicroelectronics Wireless Tour in Chicago on October 11 and in Boston on October 24 to witness these innovative capabilities firsthand. Together, we are shaping the future of IoT security and ensuring that IoT devices remain trustworthy in an ever-connected world.