CBRS Certificates

CommScope Sentry™ is a WInnForum-approved and WebTrust-certified CBRS registration and certificate authority. Request more info
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  • CommScope Sentry™ is WebTrust-certified against both general WebTrust requirements and WInnForum-specific Certificate Policy.
  • CommScope Sentry™ operates every type of the CBRS Certificate Authorities as a WInnForum Root of Trust.
  • CommScope Sentry™ provides every type of the CBRS certificate defined by WInnForum, including all end-entity certificates and customer-operated Sub-CA certificates.
  • All external customer information is always kept confidential within CommScope Sentry™ on strict need-to-know basis and not accessible to the rest of the company.
WInnForum Approved

WInnForum RSA Root CA0004

Valid from:11/21/2019 to 11/21/2069
Serial number:73 64 da e9 e5 39 13 19 75 ba ba 91 9c c1 4f 2b 2e be 4c 71
SHA1 Thumbprint:‎‎13 83 e8 58 c1 11 cd 51 00 97 47 a8 cc d3 57 49 63 6c 63 88


WInnForum ECC Root CA0004

Valid from:11/21/2019 to 11/21/2069
Serial number:63 77 52 f4 74 96 a0 41 cb f7 ca 4a 1e 6c 24 d4 83 84 23 80
SHA1 Thumbprint:‎‎99 ea d1 ac 2c f8 26 e7 40 71 50 74 ce 46 85 18 3c 6b b5 5b


CommScope Sentry™ has 30+ years of experience in providing PKI Services in every phase of the product lifecycle. For more info, send us your contact request.